Tony Truong

Front End Developer

As a front end developer, I get to make some pretty cool stuff. Through JavaScript and tasteful design, I create wonderful web experiences and share this enthusiasm with others alike. I take pride in solving problems with a creative approach but most importantly, I have fun doing it. There is nothing more addictive than giving ideas life.

roster app screenshot

API Web Application

JavaScript jQuery API Responsive

Get the latest roster updates for your favourite NBA Teams.

Coming Soon!

trackflix webpage screenshot

Dynamic Templating Web Application

JavaScript jQuery Handlebars.js API Responsive

Heard a catchy song at the movies but don't know what it is? Find out by using this web application by searching the movie name for soundtracks.

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edacious webpage screenshot

API Web Application

JavaScript jQuery API Responsive

Find recipes from your favourite ingredients.

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ballcenter webpage screenshot

React & Firebase Application with Authentication

JavaScript React Firebase oAuth Responsive

Organize and schedule basketball games with your friends.

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over webpage screenshot

PSD Conversion

HTML5 CSS3 Responsive

Pixel perfect.

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